A Nanny's Impact on a Child's Development

A nanny can bring a wealth of benefits to a family. However, a concern some families have about choosing a nanny to take close care of their precious one is of the impact this non-parental carer will have on their child’s development. A carefully selected, dedicated nanny will be completely open to gaining a deep understanding of a family’s morals and values in the interest of imparting them upon their child whilst in her care.

Furthermore, she will be well-placed to have a positive impact on the child’s cognitive development by assisting the child with their at-home learning, meaningful conversation and reading and via fostering problem-solving skills. There are multiple opportunities for learning through the daily routine that a nanny helps to establish and maintain. The nanny – due to being at the family home on a regular basis - can also ensure that friendships are nurtured and that regular playdates are scheduled in the interest of developing the child’s social interaction skills and ability to regulate emotions.

Recently I interviewed a nanny, a mother who chose a nanny to care for her children three days a week, and a woman who had been raised by a nanny for a significant period of time during her childhood. The nanny expressed that she has a performing arts background and as a result, spends a lot of time working on creative activities and projects with the children she cares for. She believes being instrumental in unleashing their creative sides has resulted in them becoming very confident in expressing their ideas. She also found that having a safe adult to spend structured yet fun and fulfilling days assisted in making the children’s transition to kindergarten and primary school a smooth one.

The mother I conversed with elicited a chuckle then stated that her kids adored their nanny - “she was like a more rested version of us!”. She found that her children truly benefited from being cared for in the safety of their home and from the one-on-one interaction with their highly-trained nanny who was able to offer them new insights into a range of areas of their lives. 

The woman I spoke to who had been raised by a nanny in her younger years believed that forming trusting, nurturing relationships with adults other than their parents is an important part of a child’s development. Furthermore, she feels that such a relationship allows children to explore their sense of autonomy which eases their adjustment from the home to the school setting, based on what she experienced as a child raised by a nanny. 

These first-hand accounts highlight some of the positive influences a nanny can have on the development and well-being of a child. The right nanny for your family can help your children flourish exponentially in all facets of child development and provide the structure and stability that you wish to maintain for them.


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