Maternity Nurses and Maternity Nannies – What’s The Difference?

When you start to look for support for your new family, it can seem daunting when there are so many options available. You can hire a maternity nurse or a maternity nanny, but how do you decide which professional you actually need?

Many people are confused between the concept of a maternity nurse and a maternity nanny and there are actually some big differences between the two qualifications. This should make your recruitment process much more streamlined and stress-free when deciding on the professional to assist you when you’ve had a baby.

Maternity Nurse

A maternity nurse, otherwise known as a postnatal care specialist, is a qualified and highly experienced professional who attends your home to support you shortly after birth. They offer support services and advice in feeding, changing and bathing the baby, and can also help you guide your baby into a routine if required. 

Maternity nurses can also teach you the fine art of listening to your baby’s unique cries and cues, mastering the art of breast and bottle feeding, sleep (for both you and bub), bathing, routine and comforting techniques. Each maternity nurse has their own individual specialities and qualifications, with more highly qualified maternity nurses holding advanced knowledge in complex feeding issues, gut health and birthing and may also have osteopathic, obstetric and psychological knowledge.

Maternity nurses are usually engaged on short-term contracts for approximately 12 weeks on a 24/7 basis so that they are always in attendance is required during the first few weeks following birth. 

Maternity Nanny

A maternity nanny will fulfil the same role as the maternity nurse; however, they usually do not hold formal nursing qualifications in paediatrics or midwifery. In order to do work as a maternity Nanny, a nanny doesn’t necessarily need to be qualified, but they do need to have lots of hands-on experience working with families and babies. Many maternity nannies have specific qualifications, completed the MNT course, or possess some form of childcare qualification. 

Maternity nannies are a great choice for mothers who have older children and need help with them as well as the baby. Maternity Nannies generally follow the Maternity Nurse Maternity and typically tend to start employment from 3 months, once the maternity nurse has finished with their role, and have long-term roles.

The terms maternity nanny and maternity nurse are interchangeable, however, highly qualified maternity nurses are more expensive and maternity nannies generally accept a slightly lower rate. Regardless of whether they are a nurse or a nanny, these professionals should have at least three-five years’ experience with newborns and have a current paediatric first aid certificate.

The Australian Nanny Agency strives to place the most suitable, qualified candidates with our registered families and have a number of maternity nurses and maternity nannies available for placement. Contact us today to discuss the needs of your growing family.

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