What is a Travel/Holiday Nanny?

When taking children on holiday or on a work trip with you, it may seem obvious for some families to travel wona holiday or travel Nanny. Whilst it is not in the holiday budget for all families, a travel/holiday Nanny can certainly make the trip easier and more enjoyable for both adults and children, especially during international travel.
Having a professional holiday nanny gives you the flexibility and convenience to fulfil the obligations of your trip or to simply have some time away from the kids to see the sights you’re interested in at an adult pace. Whether you wish to go out for a few special meals, attend business functions/meetings or simply shop on your own, travel and holiday Nannies care for and entertain your children with the activities they enjoy whilst being a trusted proxy parent in a foreign environment. 

But what is a travel and/or holiday Nanny? And what is the difference between the two roles?

Holiday Nanny

A holiday nanny is usually a professional child carer that is local to your travel destination. Holiday nannies are interviewed and screened before your journey and meet you when you arrive at your destination, at the airport or at your accommodation, at a time and date that suits you. 

A professional holiday nanny can also be your tour guide, PA and have all that you require ready for you on arrival, as well as being a great local ambassador and tour guide for the region. Locally based holiday nannies can easily access passes to the most fun holiday attractions, VIP kids events and local insights that you may not discover travelling alone.
A holiday nanny can be available for as little as 3 hours a day or 24/7 every day for the duration of your stay. They can be engaged casually or for a set daily rate, as well as being available for sleepovers with the children. The role can be easily personalised to suit your needs.

Travel Nanny

A travel nanny is, as the name suggests, a professional nanny who has experience with travelling with children. They support you and your family by caring for the needs of the children in all aspects of your journey, whether it be packing luggage, holding onto tickets, in flight and travel entertainment and comfort, engaging activities and even the schedule of the travel plans, whether it be by private jet, commercial airlines or boat. Professional travel nannies will ensure the needs of the children are meet and their entertainment preferences provided, whether physically travelling or based in a hotel or other accommodation. As with a holiday nanny, some travel Nannies will research the travel destination/s to your family with all your travelling needs.

A highly organised professional that is your right-hand person to ensure your travels go smoothly, travel nannies have usually engaged anywhere from 1 week to 3 months of continuous travel. They must ensure that their passports and all documents are up-to-date and valid and that they have no other obligation than the family and their travel needs during the contract time.

Whether you feel your family would benefit from a travel or a holiday Nanny, the benefits of engaging one are endless. Contact the Australian Nanny Agency today to discuss your future travel plans and how to source the perfect holiday or travel Nanny for you. 

Fees and T&C

At the Australian Nanny Agency, we are really strict with our policies. To know more about the fees as well as with the terms and conditions, please feel free to visit our fees + t&c page.
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