Nanny Share - What It Is and Can It Work For You?

Nanny Share - What Is It and Could It Work For You?
Nanny Sharing is a growing trend in Australia, with many families loving the idea of having an extra family member and pair of hands to help out, however a vast majority do not require a full-time, live-in caregiver, or cannot afford it. Nanny Share is the concept of sharing both a Nannies time and costs between two families.

Behaviour Management - Why Parents and Nannies Should Concur

Why Parents and Nannies Should Concur
When welcoming someone into your family to work alongside you to raise your children, behaviour management strategies and parenting styles must always be at the forefront of priorities to be discussed. Australian Nanny Agency Behaviour Management consultant Elissa Pizzata explains why parents and Nannies must on the same page in this essential childcare technique.

Life In The Compound

Life In The Compound
Heading to Riyadh (the city in which I am living and working) I had done a lot of googling and researching as to what life was like/going to be like, but no online research can give you a real perspective as to how life will be.

Food and Behaviour in Kids

Food and Behaviour in Kids
As parents and caregivers of young children, we aim to provide them with the best environment and nutrition possible to allow them to grow healthy and happy, however we can’t always be completely in control or mindful of what our kids are exposed to or put in their mouths.

Everyday Life As An Elite Nanny

Everyday Life As An Elite Nanny
People ask me frequently about my life as an elite nanny. They wonder how exciting it must be to work with high-profile employers and live in luxurious surroundings but the truth is, these people are no different to you or I; they go about their lives just like any normal family.

Fees and T&C

At the Australian Nanny Agency, we are really strict with our policies. To know more about the fees as well as with the terms and conditions, please feel free to visit our fees + t&c page.
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